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Calanais Standing Stones

Image Credit: Grant Hugh Jones
Image Credit: Grant Hugh Jones
Shaun Libby
Image Credit: Grant Hugh Jones

Our Future Depends
on Your Support

The Calanais Standing Stones & Visitor Centre is a non-profit organisation that relies on public support. We are dedicated to the preservation and celebration of this extraordinary archaeological legacy, working hand in hand with a wide range of local and national stakeholders, community members and experts.

But our most important partner is you.

Without the donations and voluntary contributions of our friends and visitors, we would not be able to continue our important work, operate our Visitor Centre as a vital community hub, or develop our ambitious Calanais 2025 plans.


Become a Friend

If you’d like to play a more active role in our future projects, then why not become a Friend of Calanais? Open to all residents of the Outer Hebrides, the Friends scheme is a great way to engage with members of the community who are passionate about our archaeological heritage, and to stay in touch with all the exciting developments at Calanais.

When the visitor centre reopens, Friends will again have access to special deals.  Meanwhile we will continue to send out our newsletter keeping you up to date with all our upcoming changes.

Why not contact us and become a Friend of Calanais today?

Donate to an Important Cause

Our research into the extraordinary ways in which the Calanais landscape has been transformed over thousands of years is vital to gaining a better understanding of this ancient and mysterious site. From the analysis of recent archaeological finds to new initiatives like our Year of Coasts and Waters project, it is the research initiatives the Trust supports that allows us to preserve this site for future generations to understand and enjoy.

Every time we receive a donation, big or small, it helps us to continue our important research and realise our mission to cherish our Neolithic past in a way that allows our contemporary community to flourish.

From a single donation to regular support, if you’d like to discover how you can donate to our work, please contact us here.

Play an Active Role

Another powerful way you can support us is to work with us here at the Calanais Visitor Centre. We’re dedicated to building a strong community of support, and give each volunteer the opportunity to develop their own unique role as part of a well-supported and flexible team.

Volunteer programme

Whether you’re keen to share your passion for the Neolithic history of the Outer Hebrides, or enjoy helping or talking to people, or even help with some of the important administrative tasks involved in the redevelopment of the Visitor Centre, you’d be very welcome to join our friendly team.

The Calanais Standing Stones gets visitors from around the world. When it comes to answering visitor’s questions on the Stones, volunteers can make each trip to the stones a truly memorable one for our guests.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about this unique site and work alongside respected experts in the archaeology and heritage of the Outer Hebrides. If you’re keen to deepen your understanding of the tourism and charity sectors, or want to share in the delight and fascination of visitors from around the world, then you couldn’t ask for a more stunning environment in which to learn or immerse yourself.

Contact us today and discover how you can volunteer.

Community engagement

We run some outreach projects within our local community. These are a wonderful way to celebrate and protect the Calanais environment, but also a great way to create lasting local relationships and contribute to the local economy.  Follow us on to keep up-to-date.

Image Credit: Grant Hugh Jones
Image Credit: Grant Hugh Jones
Image Credit: Grant Hugh Jones
Image Credit: Grant Hugh Jones

Calanais 2025

Support our Exciting Initiative

This transformative and important project is central to the Trust’s ambition to dramatically enhance the visitor experience at Calanais. A significant new extension to the existing farmhouse will increase retail and cafe provision whilst creating a ‘shop window’ through which visitors can fully explore the site.

An interpretation area will house a new and dynamic introduction to the stones, before visitors are invited to step back into the past and immerse themselves in the Neolithic period throughout the remainder of the exhibition and out onto the site itself.
The final section of the exhibition will focus in on the story of the stones and will include a dramatic, immersive AV experience, complementing the visitors’ own personal encounters with the site.

You can find out more about how to support this exciting initiative here.