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For millennia the Callanish Stone Circle was protected by deep layers of peat with only the tallest stone protruding above the ground. Accumulating over centuries the gradually encroaching peat preserved this ancient place keeping it safe. In the 1800s the thick peat was cut away to reveal the true magnificence of the stones. Callanish Stone Circle with its cross formation of outlying stones is the most intact of all the stone circles in Britain. It is considered by the author to be the real Crown of Britain.

Gwendolyn Awen Jones takes us on a remarkable journey into the realms of sprit. Through dreams and visions she learns to break the ancient dark magic that has bound the Callanish circle for thousands of years to awaken the true power of the stones. Her exquisite photographs, drawings and a tale that will bring a shiver to your spine, act as an entrancing guide to the stones of Callanish for photographers, tourists and those seeking to understand the true meaning of this sacred place.

What could it mean to ‘set this nest afire’ and what does the cuckoo’s call have to do with the coming of the ‘Shining One?’ You will soon find out.

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  • Paperback
  • 24 x 0.7 x 20.5 cm
  • 104 pages

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